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BLITZKRIEG -- "i'd rather talk about it after it happens" attitude and the hidden MEAT IS MURDER complex, scott richard

in case you were wondering whether you'd get a HEY, HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT A WAR? memo, you'd better rethink that.

this strategy is commonly referred to as blitzkrieg

the fastest response to thwart a blitzkrieg by this presidency as a patriotic citizen of the u.s. is to look toward the example of cain.

there's a reason cain was able to put down ADAM AND HIS SON abel.

he was a vegetarian.

AND he was the son of eve's first sexual union.
he was not adam's son.

anyway, his tactic of "slaying his fake brother" with vegetables worked.
it's the same in this country, but it's kept hidden.

the industry of "sacrifice" is a metaphor for a corrupted spiritual life. there's a reason dumptruck president puts steaks and bottled water on the table in the background at famous speech moments.

he's cueing the BOTTLED WATER CARTEL LEADERS and the steak sellers/BANK USURERS.

soon, the latter market itself is moving to africa anyway.
however, we have the moment of cain still with us.

the power is in our hands.
and i don't mean the power to revolt.
i mean the power to have the government we are promised by the documents we value.

we have the right to know what we are being dragged into upfront.

patriotism doesn't mean protecting the business interests of corporations and billionaires. in fact, patriotism is anti-corporate and anti-billionaires. those are capitalist heroes, not patriots.

and people who are soldiers aren't heroes.
they are low-level workers of war.
a soldier only becomes a "hero" after they do something defined as heroic by the war mongers.

soldiers are not "protecting our freedoms".
this is a lie.
they are protecting access to INDUSTRY resources in foreign lands

and it's also a lie that the reason we don't have the government in charge of stuff is because the government is so worthless that they end up charging $800 dollars for a screwdriver.

that's propaganda put out by the corporations that fuel and profit on the war industry itself and then take their energy cartels into the rest of the world to enslave the human populace with their toys of superiority in strength, abuse, corruption and remorselessness.

it allows our government to NOT APPEAR LIKE A COMMON CRIMINAL by letting the corporations break all the international laws for "us".

but further, these same war mongering banks and industries want you to believe that as a u.s. citizen you DON'T DESERVE AN AWESOME GOVERNMENT!!!!!

and that's downright fking treason.

but i guess when KING USURERS from goldman sachs and the likes are in your cabinet, you don't have to worry about treason charges.

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Photo taken on 2 February 2017 (© torbakhopper / Flickr)

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