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"location, location, TIMING!!"© -- Death with Headphones, cartoon by scott richard

FRENCH ESCAPISM on the Dopaquel Peninsula & the anti-psychotic world of today, painting and essay by scott richard

the japanese tea garden, scott richard

in the bus, scott richard

"how much time did you last HAIRCUT weigh?!"©-- Death with Headphones™, cartoon by scott richard

local hive, scott richard

castro theatre, scott richard

"and YOU thought i'd never show" -- Death with Headphones© : the american series, cartoon by scott richard

"it's about TIME right?!" -- Death with Headphones© : the american series, cartoon by scott richard

for the love of a flower, scott richard

"you are ETERNALLY mine!!!" -- death with headphones©, cartoon by scott richard

"science reinvents itself from its failures" -- death with headphones -- cartoon by scott richard

tulips and buildingssome things are easy & consent versus concern & why lawyers and bankers and real estate makers should be put on TRIAL in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, by scott richard

living in the city & the forever man mythology + a NETFLIX proposal -- by scott richard

how to fk up your VALENTINE's day and another story about a modern gnostic and his perpetual failures, scott richard

the idea of a class action suit against SMUG MUG & why it's SUPER important to realize what is happening right now with the FAKE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS shift -- CONTENT MINING IS ILLEGAL & A THEFT™ scott richard

the art of liquid painting and its consorts, scott richard

strawberry and waffles at TOAST, scott richard

view from tank hill, scott richard

cartoons with borders & the difference between OPINIONS and OBSERVATIONS, scott richard

THE DANGER OF ARCHIVE DIVING & let's just make sht up and see how the public lands it & more shows at the de young museum and the legion of "honor", by scott richard

POCOS AMIGOS Y POCOS LIBROS -- the modern woman metaphor & LOOK DOWN SYNDROME -- drawing by david oslo, scott richard

two new shows at the legion of honor -- KLIMT & RODIN and the POLYCHROMATIC painted statue hypothesis which is probably a lie "gods of color", scott richard



corn flower blue, scott richard

the mighty rose, scott richard

dolores park, scott richard

the golden angel of lyon, scott richard

the hidden messages of lyon, scott richard 2017

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