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St Monans Pier

St Monans Pier

Its with great intrepidation that i upload this photo. Not just because it came out completely different from what i had intended, but because St Monans pier has been heavily photographed by every scottish photographer and his granny. Its almost like a bench mark, a sign of how good you are.

Well i couldnt do long exposure, the tide was out.

I couldnt do sunset, it was 3pm.

So this is my shot of St Monans Pier.

My hesitation comes the from fear of being judged. Although i might tell myself i dont care and im taking photographs for my own enjoyment... i wouldnt be uploading them i didnt want to share them and hopefully get a bit of feedback. A few favs and comment is great, but its not really a true reflection of how good the shot is. Its more a reflection of how many people have seen it and felt compeld to hit that little star. A shot on explore with 30K views isnt really a sign of talent.

Photography is a long and bumpy journey and when you start you dont realise where it will take you. I certainly didnt. I never started with idea of being an "artist", i still dont. but it seams impossible to dodge.

(plus d'infos...)

Photo prise @ St. Monans le 8 septembre 2018 (© daedmike / Flickr)

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