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Diana Hyland, The Twilight Zone, "Spur of the Moment," 1964

Diana Hyland, The Twilight Zone,

The Twilight Zone
Season 5, Episode 21: "Spur of the Moment"
Original U.S. broadcast airing: February 21, 1964

IMDb synopsis of episode:
While out horseback riding on June 13, 1939, 18-year-old Anne Henderson comes across another rider, a middle-aged woman dressed in black, who chases after her. She's terrified and races home. It's the day of her engagement party. She's supposed to marry Robert Blake, but childhood friend David Mitchell wants her to break it off and marry him instead. As for the woman in black, she is someone who knows Anne quite well.

In this episode, beautiful actress Diana Hyland (January 25, 1936 - March 27, 1977) played the role of the young heiress who is stalked via horseback by an unknown older woman dressed in black. Years later, Hyland won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble." She received the award posthumously, having recently died at age 41 from breast cancer. John Travolta, who was in a serious love relationship with the older actress, accepted the Emmy on her behalf.

The Twilight Zone was Rod Serling's groundbreaking TV show and the sci-fi/fantasy show was on the air from 1959-1964. Serling won a Golden Globe as best TV producer/director and two Emmys for writing, among other awards and nominations. In 2009, the US Postal Service issued a pane of twenty 44¢ commemorative postage stamps honoring early USA television programs. A booklet with 20 picture postal cards was also issued. Twilight Zone was one of the TV shows commemorated.

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