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Dent d`Herens, 4171m from left to right frozen fur lover old town end of the world sit and wait im Wald .. Rhone Valley, Switzerland closed circle they watch you Enjoying a few Sun Rays inside out IMG_1201A Giovanni Antonio Canaletto 1697-1768 Venice Réception d'un ambassadeur devant le Palais des Doges Empfang eines Botschafters vor dem Dogenpalast  Receive some ambassadors before the dog palacevers 1730 Zürich Kunsthaus IMG_1202E Bernardo Bellotto 1721-1780 Venice  Les ruines de la Kreuzkirche à Dresde  The ruins of the Kreuzkirche in Dresden 1765 Zürich Kunsthaus suspect sighting food express Bern, 21. Juni 2019 walking man walking the dog solid standing Evening sun on Valais mountains we're all caught in a huge net Dewoitine D26 stepping out back alley Zürich Panorama walking the dog a place to rest night by night
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