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Dear friends and visitors,
I have to tell you that I’m no longer updating my photostream at a regular rate. My last upload was some months ago and since then I even haven’t had time to thank you for your comments and faves. It was a pretty busy year for me and next year will be not any different. Over the last years, you’ve made my stream a real success by loads of faves and comments and invitations to groups and I’m very grateful for that. However, there came a time when coping with these social media activities put more and more a strain on me and I had to make a decision, i.e. whether I should either neglect my professional and private life or my flickr stream. On the other hand, I didn’t cease to take pictures (NEVER – just scrap it, dude) and actually, I like to show them to other people.
So I’m now trying to establish such a thing as an, mhm, unsocial media agreement with you, and it goes like this: If you like one of my pics – thanx a lot, but don’t fave it and don’t comment on it. If you do it nevertheless, please don’t expect an answer or an reciprocal fave, because it might take months before I check my stream the next time and by then, my activities list will show nilch.
I wish you the very best, and may the gods of light and art be yith you!
Picturepest, a.k.a. Michael

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Photo taken on 16 December 2017 (© Picturepest / Flickr)

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