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School Daze No 5 space, little rann of kutch school, little rann of kutch fakir, badami Legal Gavel & Open Law Book Portrait of a young school boy 5 Portrait of a young school boy 4 Portrait of a young school boy 3 Portrait of a young school boy 1 Little boy holding a Schultüte students, rewalsar Children playing outside 1 Smiths of Blofield MGV 417V Infants class, National School, Defford Road, Pershore by William Dowty (no later than 1892) UC Berkeley School of Law Herndon Monument & Naval Academy Chapel Naval Academy Plebes Portrait of an English schoolboy (c.1900) Standard VII, Kirkby Fleetham School (1912) Ready-for-school memento by Carl Siemsen & Sohn (c.1880) School class photo in the bright sun School children outside during recess Group of school boys posing outside First impressions: New school / Ysgol newydd Class photo of a group of school boys Children doing math problems on a black board Children playing outside 2 0001_zoriah_photojournalist_war_photographer_chernobyl_pripyat_abandonded_decay_photo_photography_20120719_0667 Damaged group photo of a school football team
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 children, girl, high, kids, old, black, white, girls, portrait, child
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