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1971 Plymouth Scamp robert kemp collection image preparing charts for the voyage Ferry crossing, Vancouver to Nanaimo, in the heavy smoke Skippers meeting, day 1 quality ferry services at all times Eric in his Crawford Mellonseed, leaving the mothership raft in Little Tribune Bay, Hornby Island... it's still really smokey this morning Ryan in his Windrider 17 Scamp 1970 Honda N360 our anchorage in the shallows at the head of Carrington Bay, Cortez Island not a lot of visibility out there! Sangster Island eerie lighting -photo by Sz Cumming Steve and Barbara's FLY, a Farrier 27, uses a yuloh sculling oar for propulsion M8216598 M8216605 M8216615 M8216617 M8216622 M8216628 M8216629 another day, another raiding begins Tor and Blaine, aboard CYGNUS during a tow LUNA and PAS ASSEZ arrive at Tree Island several Hobie cats join us for the evening, sailing out of Denman Island M8226789 Ben and Ron, preparing for cast off M8236852 sail up oars stowed -photo by Heidi Baxter
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