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Iron oxide-highlighted layering in sandstone (Vinton Member, Logan Formation, Lower Mississippian; Hanover Pit, Licking County, Ohio, USA) 20160825_19 View from Bright Angel Trail in Grand Canyon, Arizona Ripple marks in sandstone (Kayenta Formation or Navajo Sandstone, Lower Jurassic; Potash-Poison Spider dinosaur tracksite, Williams Bottom, west of Moab, Utah, USA) 1 Undercut cliffs of Corbin Sandstone (Pennsylvanian) (between Indian Staircase & Frog's Head, Red River Gorge, eastern Kentucky, USA) Chapel of St Albert the Great Chapel of St Albert the Great Last stop: Watchet Hampton and Whitchurch Mountain Goats at Zion National Park - an American jewel in the Southwest Sandstone (Middle Pennsylvanian; Frazeysburg Pit, Muskingum County, Ohio, USA) 11 Mudchip breccia in sandstone (Logan Formation, Lower Mississippian; Rt. 35 roadcut, northeast of Rittenours, Ohio, USA) 3 Snow-Covered Kettle River, Sandstone, Minnesota Fresh Snow - Banning State Park, Minnesota San Rafael Monocline (eastern Utah, USA) 5 Trace fossils in fine-grained sandstone (Henley Member, Borden Formation, Lower Mississippian; Tener Mountain roadcut, southern Ohio, USA) 13 DSCN3283 1st Floor Valley of Fire The crop GRAY1015 GRAY1017 Pillar-shaped Cippus Using the Nikon, Lower Antelope Canyon Königstein DSC_00-61 Good views from up here Woof Walkway to Baphuon Two  Lias mud volcanoes on the beach.
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