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180112-N-SA412-0077 180114-N-BD308-0088 180114-N-BD308-0124 Civil War Monument, Pittsfield, Mass 180111-N-SA412-1131 USS Wasp conducts a live-fire Phalanx Weapon system exercise. 180111-N-SA412-1132 Sailors conduct aviation firefighting training aboard USS Wasp as she transits to Sasebo, Japan 180110-N-VK310-0022 180110-N-BD308-0118 180110-N-BD308-0005 Sailors stand watch on the bridge wing aboard USS San Diego. 180107-N-NM917-026 180109-N-HT134-004 180109-N-HT134-007 180107-N-BD308-0044 180108-N-SA412-0043 180108-N-SA412-0050 180108-N-DW433-065 180108-N-SA412-0013 180108-N-SA412-0021 180108-N-DW433-060 USS America arrives in Guam for a port visit 180106-N-ZS023-012 180106-N-ZS023-026 180106-N-ZS023-030 180105-N-BD308-0174 180105-N-SA412-0021 180105-N-SA412-0016 180107-N-HT134-025
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