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Getting a drink

2839ex afternoon with dad

In the rain...

In the Grass

My first rhino picture

Periscope Neck

3705ex Scouting the Ngorongoro Crater


the bush

Kibo Summit, Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Vervet Monkey

1845e Hello Big Eyes

No, not a hunting scene ;)

8575ex2 the Ewaso Ngiro River at sunset

Hippopotamuses , Lake Naivasha

Deadvlei (Namibia)

1355ex adult and juvenile Crowned Crane

Lilac-Breasted Roller

0724ex hippos x 3

A Bite to Eat

The last morning... driving back to Nairobi...

8361ex feeling lucky

African Sunrise, Amboseli National Park



1529ex2 Spotted hyena in grasses

Imani and her cub

7845e young cheetah on the road

Calling her cub

7545e2 Red-billed Hornbill

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