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Souvenir shopping in earnest Box lunch (bento) delivered to school from fish shop nearby Traditional shop signs for local businesses northbound on the Hokuriku line, passing Mt. Monju at Sabae Lesser Pandas bred for other locations around Japan along the prayer road on November 10 (inori-no-michi) afternoon light on November 2 near Sabae city limit Ceremony of ground-breaking (Shinto's jichin-sai) Looking north from Sabae city toward the capital, Fukui Transplanting rice, filling seedling gaps by hand adult sprinting event, kids look on Taiko drumming performance far from the city center Transplanting rice seedlings mechanically, 2-wheeled tug Museum permanent display of WWII-era from local men Permanent displays at Fukui prefectural museum Tile roofs, trees at temples or shrines, narrow streets rural cemetery 1994 entry to Mitama-sai (matsuri) in Sabae-city, Fukui-ken Mitama matsuri at veterans' monument, Sabae city 1994 rail travel near Sabae-city with Monju-san framed persimmons drying in the mild sun of November 5 bio-sketch of Mr. Yamada in stainless steel Mr. Yamada Sennosuke, local entrepreneur of textile spinning Yamada's shrine, Sabae-city (山田仙之助) Nakano Shinto shrine for Mr. Yamada in Sabae-city mid-day near Nakano shrine, Mr. Yamada's shrine at Sabae southeast of Sabae city center,  new construction Kamo Jinja, Shinto shrine at Nakashinjo Kamo shrine, 2017 Nov. 2 at Naka-shinjo near Sabae-city soba harvester on November 2, south of Sabae City
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