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Cuentos de la Alhambra (157/365) Make it cry and sing. Rythm In The darkness. Hail, Hail Rock and Roll À l'écoute/Listening/Lyssnande American Rythm | États-Unis, Mondial des Cultures (2) American Rythm | États-Unis,  Mondial des Cultures Copenhagen Carnival 2015 Les 2 font la paire Artesanía Rítmica   ///   Rythm Handcraft (187/365) Windows of Valletta - Mondriaan Victory Boogie Woogie obscured War Drums. ... and has his own rhythm. Move Like a Jellyfish Tam Tams and Chill TT Syndicate TT Syndicate Sister Cookie Samba The girl collecting small paper flags On The Fiddle. Graffiti - Copenhagen Carnival 2015 Copenhagen Carnival 2015
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 music, dance, bw, light, ritmo, abstract, architecture, lines, canon, black
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