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Various life Barrio Jesus. Parete azzurra decorata con piastrelle di ceramica. Pared azul decorada con azulejos de cerámica. Blue wall decorated with ceramic tiles (Frammenti di Valencia/Valencia's fragments). Slits Banco Córdoba. Córdoba, Argentina. 24th of May 2018 14th of May 2018 RXV00992 RXV01008 Dusky hydroid - Solanderia fusca #marineexplorer Oyster shore Rockpools at Oak Park #marineexplorer Zoom Nikkor 28-85mm f/3.5~4.5s MACRO (2) Crabby McCrabFace #marineexplorer The Haven 180 Prag 27th of May 2018 Two young eastern talma Meuschenia trachylepis - Yellow-finned leatherjacket Monacanthus chinensis - Fan-belly leatherjacket Parupeneus spilurus - Black-spotted goatfish Big Moray eel - Gymnothorax prasinus Oak Park Panorama #marineexplorer Hitchhikers Gumtree bark Wrack Dendronephthya australis soft coral Back to nature - Rusty anchor #marineexplorer Port Stephens sunset Squid eggs in Ecklonia #marineexplorer RXV00558
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