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Launch of 2018/19 Tree Planting Season & 43rd Anniversary of National Tree Planting Day

Launch of 2018/19 Tree Planting Season & 43rd Anniversary of National Tree Planting Day

The launch of 2018/19 Tree Planting Season took place on 27 October 2018 during Umuganda on Mt Rebero (City of Kigali, Kicukiro District, Gatenga Sector) where 180 ha of agroforestry and 30 hectares of woodlots will be planted, and 175 ha of degraded forest lands are being rehabilitated during 2018/19 forest planting season.

The celebration brought together local residents, government officials, the Rwanda Defence Force, the Rwanda National Police and the private sector to plant trees.

The launch of this year’s Tree Planting Season was an opportunity to highlight the importance of trees in our lives and how we can generate wealth from forestry.

This year’s Tree Planting Season aims to increase forest cover, rehabilitate degraded forests, protect soil and fight against erosion, as well as plant fruit trees to improve nutrition and food security. To celebrate the 43rd Anniversary of National Tree Planting Day, tree planting activities will be carried out in all districts throughout the whole planting season.

The theme for this year’s season is: Plant Trees for Health and Wealth / Tera ibiti ugire ubuzima n’ubukungu.

Throughout the season, a total of 38,119 hectares of agroforestry, 4,800 hectares of classic forestry and 225,440 fruit trees will be planted. In addition, 670 hectares of degraded forests will be rehabilitated countrywide.

These efforts will support Rwanda to achieve the target of covering 30% of the country with forests. Today, that figure stands at 29.8%.

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Photo taken on 27 October 2018 (© Ministry of Environment - Rwanda / Flickr)

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