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CHEVROLET Tourelle à mitrailleuses Reddish decay Old Bridge over the Cohocton River in Painted Post, NY Unanswered, abandoned, unbroken. (Leica M9, 50mm Summicron) Found High Voltage Face Paint and Rust 2 manhole cover Rusty bridge detail 2 drain cover Rat Rod Great Western Railway boundary marker Metal sculpture, Barcelona Rusty Ladder Urbex Ascension Barge 4 Draw with Me, Northbridge Full of circles Insane Road Fire Power 1958 Chevrolet wagon HDR another rainy day post Villa Del Mar Motel More Mirrors Two gasworks - cluttah Rusted Jalopy Field Horses 5008 A Gear Flower visitor
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 old, decay, metal, rusty, abandoned, blue, paint, texture, car, red
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