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Tree 18drb0498 17dri0408 Light the lantern with the sun... Somewhere in Russia. Alone and terribly Kronshtadt. The channel. in a grass_ Painted . . 18dre0735 17drd0475 16drb0530 window. decay old house in the park Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas (Kronshtadt) Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas (Kronshtadt) 17drf0190 17dra0438 16dra0830 Graffiti with a rhinoceros Psychodelic graffiti. St. Petersburg style__ it is a lot of chrome 18dra0538 it is too good for the subway Pavlovsk park 18dre0600 brick wall Sail under the clouds... wine 19 Crimes__ 3_DSC7612 dirty old town
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