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Tile roofs, trees at temples or shrines, narrow streets Looking south in Takefu along the old North Country Way Former soy sauce brewer of many generations entry to Mitama-sai (matsuri) in Sabae-city, Fukui-ken Mitama matsuri at veterans' monument, Sabae city 1994 halloween 2018 sights, mainly in Wakayama prefecture whaling story for the south end of the Kii Peninsula Japanese language - creative uses of kanji characters roadside shrine near waterfall text leaning on the inner wall of the roadside shrine the written word - Too Much Information? while waiting for the train - baiten (the snack shop) save the wildlife, visit our zoo train station at Kushimoto shows major attractions drinks machine and Shinto shrine (right of center) panorama-bonsai exhibition 2018 Imadate on 2 Nov. Starting the Nov. 14 annual prayer service with chanting Display at Fukui prefectural museum, cutlery craft of Takefu History walking tour, central Takefu city, Fukui prefecture Traditional furniture maker's demonstration rural cemetery 1994 Shop signs special 8/1994 exhibition of local history Traditional shop signs for local businesses Special exhibition of shop signs & advertising Daimyo; visit to Ryusen-ji in Takefu (Echizen-city), Fukui-ken memorial tablets at Daiho-ji in 8/1994 grave stone - traditional & alternative afternoon train south bound for Kyoto morning bowl of black-hulled rice mobile grocery 2018 Awatabe
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