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renouncing war; protecting constitution article 9 commuting to school, Wednesday morning posing with Halloween themed display bouncey castle near live performance stage city of Joetsu (formerly Nao-etsu) October 31 gravesites demolition gang at work downtown new business construction fitted together, noon flowers trimmed into miniature trees prize-winning blooms; theater poster traces of storm send waves into river mouth rides at Chrysanthemum festival ground evening commuters, Mt. Onigadake breakwater and beach at Joetsu, Japan Sea Seki River joins the Japan Sea house demolition, downtown Joetsu after work driving home, Echizen-city west view, Yutaka bridge into Echizen-city looking south, Joetsu beach on 2017 Oct. 31 crows at beach at Joetsu sun rising from Japan Alps (Toyama-ken) cement water breaks near river mouth ice for sale, Joetsu downtown shadows and light at lunch morning shrine ema boards high water after typhoon 21 of 10/23 morning fieldtrip, elementary looking west at Mt. Onigadake 10/25 sunbathing dragonflies, Hakusan shrine at Mt. Okamoto atop Okamoto-yama in last of the light 10/25 looking north, late afternoon 10/25
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