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Members of the carnival society Große Kölner KG 1882 throw sweets and roses to the people watching the Rose Monday parade in Cologne Carnival 2020 in Cologne: the float of the Große Kölner carnival society 1882 with people in red and green costumes throwing sweets and roses to the audience in front of Severinstorburg [TEMPLAR]//VICTOR Meow NATO Leaders Meeting - Buckingham Palace hooliman the magnificent Although the sun was mostly blocked by clouds last night, we did get a radiant glimpse just before it went to bed. #GrandCanyon #NationalPark #grandcanyon100 #arizona #thankful #canyonministries #adifferentview #thanksgiving #sunset #clouds #desert #insta Koenigsegg Regara AWAD - matronly Arundel Castle Armistice day commemoration at Arundel Cathedral In residence A THOUGHT FOR TODAY from A.Word.A.Day 800080 Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace HRH Prince Charles | Thiepval Turret Gateway, Leicester Leicester Guildhall Midnight Reading Crossley cars used for the 1927 Royal Visit refuelling in Ipswich, Queensland Caught the “golden hour” at the mysterious Montezuma Well, the place the Yavapai people believe they emerged into this world. The 800-year old Native ruins overlook a massive pool which has 1.5 million gallons of water flowing into it each day from a set 2019_09-10 2019_09-09d Leicester Cathedral St Mary di Castro church Tomb of Richard III, City of Leicester Cathedral The Magazine, city gate of Leicester French Kiss Another moonlight night shot from the other day. This is a bit further east, at Navajo Point. #GrandCanyon #Photography #Night #moonlight #landscape #nightphotography #grandcanyonconservancy #grandcanyonassociation #grandcanyonnps #nationalpark #photograp
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