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Motel on Route 66 Happy Motoring! Cruisers Gifts on 66 - Neon Rod's Steak House - Street Side Rod's Steak House - Red Neon at Entrance Hanging Out With Roy in Amboy Tucumcari, NM Lake Overholser Bridge Thank You for Shopping at the Bull Pioneer Motel Jesse James Wax Museum Santa's Snowy Sleigh Pontiac - Illionis Got in Your Car, You Never Turned Around Route 66 in the Rain at Night Remind Me Again About Your Poison Heart Is It Something She Said? I Am the Highway Stalliion Rod's Steak House - Famous Cow Neon Paco's Pup Taco Is It Something She Said? Road Runner Road Runner 21 Motel Roy's Try Us, You'll Like Us Stockyards City That Slid Into My Soul Sierra More
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