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A White Macaw (ca. 1900) illustration by Ito Jakuchu. Original from The MET Museum. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel. Mr. Henri Giffard’s Steam Captive Balloon by the artist Albert Tissandier (1839-1906). Original from Library of Congress. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel. manhole cover Purple decorations Find a way out Chicago architecture Wissant 6 Doorlock No creeping down ladders Doorbell Supermarket trolley sign OAS Hosts Policy Round Table on Economic, Cultural and Social Rights in the Americas 2015_01_150010 Stainless steel Anchor Thomas the Tank Engine sticker Quayside crane, - recently renovated. happiness guaranteed! Brighton Amusements Crystal ball Revolution Cycling Future Stars Points Race Guide dogs allowed round table Cross No dogs Haulage Company Ad. Detail - 'Ireland' Haulage Company Ad. Detail -  'domestic' Mystery logo Dr Evil with Fresh New Brain 8989
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