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20181026 Meijimura 11 Photo#316-Looking In Low Key! Auckland. Alberton House built from 1863. When the entrance was moved to the side of the house  the new kitchen had small square windows so that staff could not see visitors arriving. Auckland. Alberton House. Built in 1863. The towers and verandas were added in 1870. My bath, Radamis Floating Hotels (from Luxor to Aswan), Nile River, Egypt. News - Nachrichten auf einem Fernseher Nostalgia Van Wert Ohio ~ Hotel Marsh ~ Historic Building Eine Minipflanze an einer mit Holz stilisierten Betonwand - Industrial Design wndr_chicago_18_m1 Nahaufnahme einer Espressomaschine aus Edelstahl ..beautiful end.. Deko Vintage Waage mit Kürbis am Timeout Market in Lissabon View into the tower of the basilica St. Lorenz 1960 Wichtelmarke Wohnzimmer The Golden Room wall in Augsburg The Golden Room in Augsburg Closing Plenary Closing Plenary Closing Plenary Technology of Tomorrow: Autonomous Vehicles Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion ~ Historic Park ~ Canandaigua NY - Living Area The Connectivity Conundrum Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion Historic Park ~ Canandaigua NY - Period Room Interior Abstract Lowell Massachusetts - Boott Cotton Mills Museum Weave Room Lucia ..watching a beautiful golden dusk from behind the dirty glass.. DSCN2696 Lucia
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