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Tile roof on wooden stable Wooden gate with tile roof Tile roof over veranda Tile roof on wooden building Large house with tiled roof & stone wall Tiled wood & lattice wall Rooftile ends Antefix, head of Medusa (4th c BC) blurry shot of roof tiles laid on the new barber shop yane treetops and roof lines Sabae city, looking to the northwest from Mt. Funatsu No 56 A little bit of Clay ! Great Mosque, Adana Antefix, head of Medusa (4th c BC) 20180721 Samegai 9 Rua Miguel Bombarda, Porto roof repair - old tiles off, new tiles on roof tiles bundled for delivery, Ike-no-kami hospital rises above rooftops Rooftile ridge radio taiso 2017 May 10 roof tiles in the rain at the temple's wall along the street old-style town houses on the former trunk road of Edo period Amending the rice paddy with roof tile chippings side street, morning light looking east Tile repair Galería verde mermaid roof
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