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One More FF Squirrel Thirsty Capy Fox Squirrel Little Chippie At the window Rat and basket Rat among (fake) flowers Ground Squirrel Iolani IMG_0174 Arizona Gray Squirrel - Sciurus arizonensis - Copy Bank Vole Squirrel 3 Squirrel 2 Eastern Chipmunk Eastern Grey Squirrel Juvenile Bank Vole with Hazelnut Esteemed Guest Juvenile Bank Vole Close rat Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel 003 Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel 002 Baby Porcupine Ferocious Prairie Dog Squirrel (2) Prairie Dog Baby Bothering Mom Prairie Dog Peeking Out If it isn't the Lost Lagoon beaver ! Snuggling Eastern Gray Squirrel (East Norriton)
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