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A Bridge Over the Cuyahoga River and National Park Amazing Rock Formations and Views (Custer State Park) Low Clouds Moving Across a Forest in Cuyahoga Valley National Park If You're Going to Start a Day in Ohio, You Might as Well Start It in Cuyahoga Valley National Park! Mount Rundle from the Trans-Canada Highway (Banff National Park) Aspens in Bloom in the Black Hills Light and Shadows Across the Indian Creek Corridor (Bears Ears National Monument) Church Rock in the Early Morning Hours (Black & White) Formations and Etching Across the Cliff Walls of the Waterpocket Fold (Black & White, Capitol Reef National Park) Towering Peaks of Cliff Walls (Capitol Reef National Park) Only Clouds Ahead to Guide My Way! Even from Miles Away and then You See It the First Time... (Devils Tower National Monument) Yellow and Greens with Cliff Walls as a Backdrop (Capitol Reef National Park) Mummy Cliff (Capitol Reef National Park) Castolon Peak (Cerro Castellan) Really Makes an Impressive Roadside Portrait (Big Bend National Park) Layer Upon Layer of Rock Showing Eras in the Earth and History (Capitol Reef National Park) Sunset Landscape (Theodore Roosevelt National Park) I Walked Under the Cottonwoods in the Merry Month of May (Theodore Roosevelt National Park) Prairie Dog Town in Theodore Roosevelt National Park Farmlands Under Skies of Blue and Clouds of White Big Skies Dakota! (Black & White) A Herd of Bison on a Hillside in Custer State Park American Bison Grazing Along the Hillsides and Flynn Creek (Custer State Park) I Stood and Looked Across the Hillsides (Black & White, Custer State Park) Trees Stretching for Miles and Miles Across the Rolling Hillsides (Custer State Park) Under the Bridge...in Ohio (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) Chimney Rock and Towering Cliff Walls (Capitol Reef National Park) Canyon Walls Along the Capitol Gorge (Capitol Reef National Park) Formations and Etching Across the Cliff Walls of the Waterpocket Fold Layer Upon Layer (Custer State Park)
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