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Bulbous bittercress (Cardamine bulbosa) - rare

Bulbous bittercress (Cardamine bulbosa) - rare

We had a fun visit to the wetlands yesterday and were happy to run into our young friend Rich as we were leaving. He has amassed a database of flora in our county ... and took us over to see a rare plant that we've walked near for years. It's blooming now in a low wet mucky swampy area that we don't usually walk into - but there were possibly hundreds of these rare flowers in bloom thru the swamp. Rich said it's only been found in 6 (make that 8) counties in Georgia (out of 159)!

As for odes: it was a clubtail kind of day. Baskettails still not out. Photos coming ...

So get out there and explore your own county or neighborhood - you'll be surprised what you'll find. Could go to 80o here today ;-)

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Photo taken on 6 April 2019 (© Vicki's Nature / Flickr)

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