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3969ex  Northern Cardinal It's Friday Lazy sea lion blue parakeet Resting construction site poetry construction site poetry construction site poetry Fishing cat lounging Jegor lying on the grass Hexapoda «If you don't stop to take pictures, I will punch you!» 👊 Watchman Lisa looking tired... Cub seriously posing! #2/365 Life off the grid sees simple pleasures a good book and a hammock. a peaceful moment Comfortable stone? I don't Know what all the fuss is about. Puma cub licking paw Next portrait of Lisa Licking leg Portrait of  Lisa Leopard licking paw Resting macaw 2 Jadee, cradled. An early Christmas gift to my brave kitty girl. Cormorant on the roof At rest IMG_2596
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 sleeping, rest, sleep, dog, nature, nap, animal, bw, tired
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