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Huge snake at Legoland Billund Resort Mangrove pit-viper - Cryptelytrops purpureomaculatus Gator in Shallow Water Hemidactylus garnotii Lava lizard male This Turtle Says Hello Northern Yellow-faced Turtle Newport Aquarium 06-15-2018 81 Florida Banded Water Snake Sandy's Gift Laniakea Beach, Haleiwa (503577) Grass Snake Big Ground Snake, Atractus major Green Mamba _IGP1744 Sand Goanna Copperhead Stay cool Nashville Zoo 08-21-2016 - Caiman Lizard 1 Draco dussumieri _ southern flying lizard (1) Hippie Anole, Anolis fraseri Frill-necked lizard Don't get too close Top Turtle in Troy Springs crotalus horridus Image taken from page 461 of '[Manual of Geology: treating of the principles of the science with special reference to American geological history ... Revised edition.]' CAB020872a Trachemys elegans Bamboo Viper (Pit Viper)
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