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Group of iron screws and dowels to them on a white background Dowels and screws on white Repair Shop Servicing Old Laptop Swietelsky Stopfexpress 09-4X Dynamic, Štěpánov - Olomouc, 18.05.2018 Repairing the screen on a DMG Game Boy Conductivity testing Swietelsky Stopfexpress 09-4X Dynamic, Lukavice na Moravě, 16.05.2018 Morning Haze Motor trouble The shoemaker's children always go barefoot Framework Complex Whitegoods in Yangon Terra De Lutz In the Nets Trick Of The Trade Lobster Boat Repairing the Pier Man In Blue Repairing Blue Car Havana Cuba 2018 Welding broken machinery Digging Repairs Tuk Tuk repair R1009830 A Fountain Fix 20140513 - Matthew works on our house - 3-IMG_20140513_114854_226 - toilet top in living room hehe Mozambique 20-023 Fishermen in 'Farol' migrant camp repairing their net Credit - Our Sea Our Life 20140509 - fixing the power - 20140509 0848 DSC00394
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