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Someone has certainly gone overboard with his phallus renderings! Yikes! Are the local ladies so desperate about fertility? It turned out that the girl here was gesticulating to someone behind me The 'holy snake' turned out to be a poisonous banded sea krait coiled up inside a hole A young SE Asian woman- this one even has her young son with her Monument of ethnic music- wonder what this is all about then A tourist picks a good spot to do a bit of sketching Another view of the natural bridge- how long before the bit on the left gets separated? A plaque at the beginning of the valley I will descend into We now hit the beautiful Tanah Lot shore temple Decorative Hindu figures outside the Tanah Lot shore temple Yet another of the kitschy gift shops on the walkway to Tanah Lot shore temple, Bali Here we are, at the Tanah Lot shore temple, Bali Family groups have their selfie taken by the seaside at Tanah Lot An overview of the Tanah Lot temple after descending to sea level A rather mixed bag of tourists take their sea side selfies at Tanah Lot This way to the 'holy snake'- pay a donation to go in This group of holy men is seated at the Tanah Lot sea temple Still, there were many people venturing up to the main shrine A far view of the sea temple at Tanah Lot, Bali A far shot of the shrine in the water at Tanah Lot, Bali I was fascinated by this perfectly round shaped hole in the rock This lady was being photographed by her boyfriend/ husband Looking quite unusual in ethnic dress, this lady was carrying a nice white Canon EOS 200D dSLR Tanah Lot is located in a C shaped space so here is a far view of the temple A far shot of the sea temple at Tanha Lot from this side of the C There is a natural bridge on the other side of the C at Tanha Lot Across the road is this cluster of buildings we are supposed to go to I have now begun my descent into the valley Ah refreshment after 2 km- that was probably the longest two km I have ever traversed!
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