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Time Out Young lioness eating a big piece of meat Licking at the side Relaxed over the cliff 3KB16512a_C Attentive snow leopardess Another cheetah portrait Young lioness on the cliff Wild dog relaxing Profile of a lioness A cheetah on the rock My Happy Place Relaxing wild dog Last picture of Atlas Relaxing and looking at the side Video of two girls enjoying the fall of the sakura petals White sakura and terrific landscaping in the Shinjuku Gyoen Time to move on after my mini 'Hanami' (sakura viewing) session A selfie amidst lush pink sakura- well past their peak blooming time The friendly girls promised to take my picture once they are done with their selfies This is white sakura season so the blooms are particularly lush The nice ladies kept their promise and did come back A closer view of the colourful flower bed I decided to bite the bullet and take a taxi to Shinjuku Gyoen (Garden) Two girls enjoy the snowfall like shedding of sakura (cherry blossom) petals Doesn't that tree resemble an elephant foot? People enjoy some quiet solace in a delightful glen in the Shinjuku Gyoen I was thinking  I would see bare sakura trees like these An Empire State like building at the far end of the park A closer view of the Japanese family enjoying their Hanami (sakura viewing)
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