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Hurghada. Egypt, 埃及 Hurghada. Egypt, 埃及 Giftun island, Hurghada. Egypt, 埃及 Hurghada, Egypt, 埃及 Hurghada, Egypt, 埃及 Red Sea Sunset, Hurghada, Egypt, 埃及 Luxor Pier, Egypt, 埃及 Hurghada, Egypt Goodbye Hurghada, Egypt Luxor Pier, Egypt Esna, Egypt USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) conducts maintenance on an aircraft engine. Eilat_2019_by_Victor_Bezrukov-17 Salines - Dead Sea, Jordan - Seascape photography Jeddah - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Aqua Magic Hurghada Dusk Whirling Dervish Sailors send a fuel line up to an MH-60R Sea Hawk helicopter during helicopter in-flight refueling training Giftun island, Hurghada, Egypt File0714a_C Hurghada Red Sea Red Sea Red Sea Hurghada Hurghada Red Sea Hurghada
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