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red campion Standing tall Rising XX20170416a4407Bias0 stops.jpg XX20170416a4409Bias0 stops.jpg Silene dioica. Sheltered cliif, east of Porthcressa. 1982 Patch of white red campion. East Skomer. May 1978 Bluebells and red campion. North Skomer. May 1978 n9_w1150 Microbotryum lychnidis-dioicae on Red Campion - Silene dioica Red Campion (Sweet William) and Meadow Buttercup (Craa Tae) Garden on a rootball Red Campion (unusually dark red colour) red campion Red Campion Queensmount School, 18-20 Queen's Park West Drive, Bournemouth, Dorset Red Campion among lush vegetation Red Campion among lush vegetation Hemlock and Red Campion Hemlock and Red Campion Red Campion Red Campion Red Campion Red Campion among bracken White and red campion. South Ronaldsay. East side White and red campion. East south Ronaldsay. Bird cliffs Campion. South Ronaldsay. East bird cliffs. Stews Point Silene dioica. Skokholm. 11 July 1961 Lychnis dioica. Red campion. Dinas Powis 22.5.72 Red Campion and Bluebells  in Polar Wood
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