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Moluccan parrot vintage poster

Moluccan parrot vintage poster

Free download under CC Attribution (CC BY 4.0). Please credit the artist and rawpixel.com.

Stunning public domain parrot illustrations from The Natural History of Parrots (1801—1805) by Francois Levaillant a French explorer, collector, and ornithologist. This collection of antique lithographs record several incredible parrot species. It is said that Levaillant mounted the bird specimens, which were preserved in arsenic soap, in lifelike positions so the artists could capture the images realistically.

Higher resolutions with no attribution required can be downloaded: https://www.rawpixel.com/board/554650/natural-history-parrots-1801-1805-francois-levaillant

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Photo taken on 27 November 2018 (© Free Public Domain Illustrations by rawpixel / Flickr)

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