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IMG_8214 IMG_2230 IMG_7592 IMG_5712 IMG_8514 IMG_9121 IMG_7802 IMG_7238 Don't you hate it when your pet cow is beamed by aliens? Bike parking IMG_5035 Old guy Part man, part lizard this is HORRORHOUND! Grey London Jesus at Days of the Dead, Indy. So annoying yet sometimes beautiful. Love blurries your vision • but, after it recedes, you can see more clearly than ever. It’s like the tide going out. The Tragedy is Over [29/365] Day 306- 365 This is Terrigal I've Always Walked Such a Thin Line.... 1600 Revolutions I wandered until the stars went dim. - 32 a3 Peel Appeal Nature's Flooring IMG_8147 Torre Disclaimer: Kids, don't try this at home! I ran into Santa at a flea market.
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