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DSC00517 - Bougainvillea Saturniid moth, Lonomia columbiana? Cute little beetle Geometer Moth, Microgonia perfulvata? Pisauridae? Sidymella aff. rubrosignata PG People Skyrail from Kuranda to Cairns. Above the road and rainforest. Sensuous road. Spider Nautilocalyx yasuni, Gesneriaceae Emerald  Moth larvae defence posture A - possibly Synchlora sp. - Family Geometridae Crambid Moth, Herpetomodes or Polygrammodes sp.? Orbweaver, Leucauge sp. Leaf beetle, Exora olivacea, Chrysomelidae Cathedral Grove Moth Paraphilaeus Sarayacu treefrog, Dendropsophus parviceps PG People Belize and the Maya Mountains Orchid Flower  - Maxillaria aciantha Planthopper - Family Flatidae Mantid Planthopper - Family Flatidae Bug Rainforest Lichen mimicing katydid Golden Carpenter Ant, Camponotus sericeiventris Beetle National Moth Week 2014 - Pupae
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