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A kind of magic Lines and frames, shadows and sunlight. The semicircular railroads building The Roundhouse Ruins Ball-Artist Stairs up or down? Augsburg, Germany. 2017. The Art of the Wuhletal Railway Station Castle near the pond in a yellow frame / Schloss in der Nähe des Teiches in einem gelben Rahmen The Alexander House Twin Frame Maßband myALEX beALEX yourALEX Reptile und Grashüpfer. Freundschaft Salmon-colored new buildings The Metro Tram Loop The end of an era Under the Railway The decay began 6:36 am or pm? The decay of the Roundtable and Depot The streetART wall Under the roof ParkInn or TeleSpargel The gate to the world ... Augsburg, Germany. 2017. light skelett Straight through The modern way to build Sunset at the old cattle vault Look upwards in the sky
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 frame, germany, deutschland, blume, sky, himmel, flower, blau, window, macro
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