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Japanese Iris First Cornflower 2020 Purple Crocuses (Explored) Toronto Ontario ~ Canada ~  Edwards Botanical Gardens  ~ Flower Cluster Toronto Ontario - Canada  - Edwards Garden -  Botanical Gardens -  Cockscomb Flower - Texture Spring Beauty  (Claytonia caroliniana) - this week The ring of truth Falcate orangetip male  (Anthocharis midea) on Slender toothwort Falcate orangetips - yesterday!   (Anthocharis midea) Mexican Aster, Bud Late Winter Irises at VanDusen Botanical Garden JR East 205 Series_M6 Pulsatilles (Pulsatilla Albana), jardin botanique (Botanisk have), Indre by, Copenhague, Danemark. African Couple, Stone Sculpture Domino Park & Midtown Manhattan View at Night Williamsburg Brooklyn New York City NY P00438 DSC_0565 Happy Valentine's Day 4233e2 Painted Lady visitor  **Explore** 4254e2 the butterfly expo continues.... Spirit Bead 3724e2 Red Spotted Admiral 3663e2  Pearl Crescent Belle étoile Hiking on Colors Amethyst Crystal Cluster Macro Nigella Hispanica Flower at VanDusen Nature's beauty Purple Flag Dusk, Dundee The Lenten Rose. Guelph Ontario Canada ~ Guelph University ~ Arboretum Garden - Meditation Circle
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