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Happy thoughts Swing and swish Wisteria glory Purple Daisies Shooting lavender Wales - Cardiff - Dyffryn - dahlia The next one please... an October Slaty skimmer @ Gibbs Gardens Cloudless sulphur @ Gibbs Gardens Hanging on Common Loon, the feather patterns amaze me and as she tilted her head my way, I thought she is the perfect model. Masuria drifts into night. REPAIR OF THE BREACH Bee Taken in Haida Gwaii, specifically Masset. I spent a lot of time with the Pigeon Guillemots. I found them to be comical in their landings First light Gulf fritillary in purple ironweed Small lake on the historic Heidestein estate, Zeist, Netherlands - 2993 Bee Flying bee Bee No more nectar Bee PROVENCE Au jardin, hortensia Ayesha Common Burdock - Bardane mineure lady Tiger of August Colorful sunrise over Kiefersfelden, Bavaria, Germany #hierkomikweg 3591e  Skipper on Verbena
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