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Pentunäyttely Lahdessa / Lahti Puppy Show (Oct 2018) IMG_8123 Radar, Week Six (2018 Puppies) DSC04332 DSC03985 Illini Great Dane match 1995 Saying hello Cats Cats Gatitos Fun with Milo and Rosie - October 2017 Halloween Dog Parade Complicidad de hermanas Besties Encãotro Niterói Agosto Fun with Milo and Rosie - July 4, 2017 Puppy Photoshoot “Only instead of toxins leaving my body, about a shallow lagoon of Merlot floods into it.” ―Joe Berkowitz & Joanna Neborsky Dog Parade Falling for Waterfalls: Badian Canyoneering Long John Silver’s Hialeah DSC01039 DSC01037 CCH_2002 “Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.” ―Oscar Wilde Winter days are almost over… Snacks and Puppies
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