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Jean-François Lachance, Quid est veritas?, Installation, 2018 Wicker Man by Joseph Redna Atomic3,  Translation 1, 2017 Windersurfing by Straker Financial Stress by Don't Fret Sponsored Tags La Ville imaginaire, João Charters de Almeida, 1997 Aurélie Pedron, MARGE, 2015 Constellations by Mary Iverson Viseu - street art NOTRE DAME A CERAMIC BY FIDELMA MASSEY CATALOGUE REFERENCE 93 [SCULPTURE IN CONTEXT 2018]-144038 Abstract by Soph O Infinite Clearance, Laguna Beach Cori the ship's Boy Alexander the Great / by V Moustakas Hotel Arts Barcelona Fiona Hillary, Social Rupture, 2016 James Angus, Grow Your Own, 2011 Black & White East End Street Art Mosaic  Cockies East End Street Art East End Street Art The Big Hoot -  Love Owl Hackney Wick Street Art East End Street Art East End Street Art Devora Neumark, Faire bon ménage Theodore Ushev et Iregular, Diagonales, 2014 Le Moretti
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 art, sculpture, statue, chicago, mural, streetart, graffiti, nyc, urban, city
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