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Please help!

Please help!

If I was Bob Ross I would just call the ghost text on this a 'happy accident' and turn it into a forest or a flock of seagulls and move on. Unfortunately for me I'm not Bob Ross so when I forgot to cover the text, as I was only hot foiling the pigeon part of the design, it heated up and printed itself on the laminator roller and then printed that back on the paper. Confused? So was I. Then angry. But finally I found an inner peace and remembered that failure is very much part of the game and we must be proud of these things that allow us to grow.

Anyway, we've delighted in a bit of 'artistic scam baiting' before but are taking the use of the scammer's email address to new heights. We have crafted a poster for his lost pigeon 'Laser'. There's a lot of pigeons out there but this one is quite distinctive as pigeons go as i'm sure you can tell. If you have any leads at all I'm sure he'd appreciate if you get in touch. It may brighten up his otherwise tedious day of sending countless emails trying to con strangers out of their hard earned money...



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Photo taken on 5 August 2019 (© id-iom / Flickr)

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