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64/100 Akash

64/100 Akash

I had the pleasure of spending a bit of tie on a bleak, damp, cold weekend in London this week with my good friend Arnab!

I wanted to try my hand at a few street portraits if the opportunity arose in between coffee, beer and regular food stops and I wanted to push myself to use my Leica and try to get to grips with the RF mechanism and attempting to get focus and exposure together in shots. I really do find moving onto the Leica M240 from the DSLR or mirrorless is like beginning to learn photography again! It's quite exciting to feel like a newbie n every way!

We were having a lovely walk but hadn't seen any portrait potential when we decided to head back to another place for some food, on the way I met Akash and immediately stoped him and dragged him away from his two friends to be photographed explaining the project to him. He was very gracious and happy to be photographed. I was totally drawn to his bold image and then I spotted a pair of wings on the wall and he became the Angel of Brick Lane!

Akash was a gracious, gentle and lovely soul. He was from Glasgow which was lovely as it was an immediate connection and he had moved to London with a job in retail. I asked him what he was doing now and he stated that he was enjoying taking time to discover who he was!

For this image I hit out a reflector (held off camera left by Arnab) and used natural light.

I think several of my future portraits will be back to the Fuji but I am going to really push myself to keep shooting Leica as it is a great discipline for me and it feels so good in my hand!

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This is image 64/100 in my 4th set of images in my 100Strangers ongoing project.
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Photo prise @ London le 26 janvier 2019 (© The Urban Scot / Flickr)

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