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Love and Producer Simple Yannick Dee Silence Kiyomitsu Kashuu Ghost Train Canal Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Lady bags Looking through the eyes of love Coming from nowhere... Waves,  more Waves and E-Surfing Selfie at Antone's C.T. Unmasked? Orb in the Sky Best friends Jeanne d'Arc (alter) (Shinjuku-ver) Jeanne d'Arc (alter) (Shinjuku-ver) Subway Cirno Star Flower (Lysimachia borealis), Boundary Bog Trail, Prince Albert national Park Silence Royal Oak  - Skatepark - London Batersea Stormy Pane Rainbow Bokeh My debauchery I undertook solitarily, by night, covertly, fearfully, filthily, with a shame that would not abandon me... I was then already bearing the underground in my soul. Protest for Syria debris on beach
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 nikon, canon, lens, bokeh, portrait, optimus, transformers, nikkor, dof, f18
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