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Milky Way at Yenyening Lakes, Western Australia _MG_0825 Milky Way setting over Yenyening Lakes, Western Australia Commando tea cups Milky Way at Yenyening Lakes, Western Australia Border line Bridge A different point of view Milky Way & Magellanic Clouds at The Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia honda - cafe racer style Milky Way at Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia Laze Masjid Putra and Jabatan Perdana Menteri in Putrajaya, Malaysia Through the window A man to follow Look, listen and observe In the kitchen Shadow sweeper In the middle of... Casuals Pull up abandoned theatre iii abandoned theatre xii The man, the bamboo, the tree and the dog Upper level goggles Immersion Bargain flower burst
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 nikon, canon, lens, bokeh, portrait, optimus, transformers, nikkor, dof, f18
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