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Pescadores Atrapados En La Red you are the brightest little firefly in my jar TestShot A7RIII 251 This feeling... Colour or BW?? Colour or BW?? 251 - 258 mod bike at event Sheri - Lee Testshot with the A7RIII abandoned - facade abandoned - facade iv murph' portrait canon f1 and friends murph' vintage 45 5P1A1171-bewerkt.jpg Come to my window Sheri - Lee _MG_9407 _MG_2532 Village walk Art fans Alright alright alright Streets of Manhattan Stop Maestros en Ciencias de la Navegación en la Luz Crossing I fabricate the web with my excuses
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 bokeh, nikon, canon, portrait, dof, prime, nikkor, nature, flower, bw
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