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Karlijn Ufo Pier 7 Wallowing in the mire of mediocrity Close-up of home made ice cream Sorry seems to be the hardest word.. Paranoia roams where the shadows reign double coin, the beach tire found near the beach Nathan's Famous Tell me... symmetrical tones structural tones Macro of a dead beetle on the floor Caterpillar on a rosebud Close-up of an ant on white background Macro of a green spider on white background Spider wrapping its prey in spiderweb Large number of ants foraging Morgentau auf einem grünen Blatt Ladybug larva on a rose Nights in Chinatown Fly caught in spider web aligning the pipe halting the machine Una Polaroid Para Una Pin Up Wake up darling! Britt various activities at the vendor stand yet another haircut on a busy day
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 bokeh, nikon, canon, portrait, dof, prime, nikkor, nature, flower, bw
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