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191003-N-JW440-1039 191002-N-JW440-1833 191001-N-JW440-1020 A Sailor stands watch in a combat information center aboard USS Wayne E. Meyer (DDG 108). 190905-N-JW440-1279 190905-N-JW440-1433 190905-N-JW440-1432 190822-N-JW440-3112 190827-N-JW440-1342 190827-N-CN315-1015 An MH-60R Sea hawk helicopter prepares to land aboard the USS Wayne E. Meyer 131029-N-IU636-070 140327-N-IH744-001 140915-N-MX772-079 Sailors walk across the brow during rehearsals before the boat's commissioning ceremony. 191009-N-JW440-1059 191009-N-JW440-1134 191009-N-JW440-1149 191009-N-JW440-1181 191006-N-JW440-3124 190927-N-JW440-1074 190920-N-JW440-3018 190914-N-JW440-1092 190918-N-JW440-3034 190920-N-JW440-2045 190923-N-JW440-2040 190924-N-JW440-1044 150209-N-DV340-007 170715-N-WM477-0173 170715-N-WM477-0226
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