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Silver Bikers.

Silver Bikers.

Saga, the insurance company that specialises in products and services for the over-50s, recently acquired Bennetts, the UK's leading motorbike insurance specialist, after it noticed a surge in beginner motorcyclists within their target audience.

Chief executive of Saga, Roger Ramsden said: "While almost one in five of the 'baby vroomers' use their bike to commute, there are significantly more that are turning to bikes a as a hobby, using the spare time they have in retirement to fulfil a long held yearning for adventure."

Ramsden believes that the attraction of the "thrill and freedom of the open road on two-wheels" is encouraging them to ride as well as being at a point in their lives where they are able to afford to purchase and maintain a bike.

Research from the Centre of Economic and Business Research found that between 2008 and 2014, the money spent on motorcycles by the over-50s grew by an average of 41 per cent, compared to just 4 per cent for those under 50. In 2014, the over-50s spent £340 million on motorcycles, almost a third of the country's total motorcycle spending.

A spokesperson for the Motorcycle Industry Association agreed that those in their 50s and older are more likely to have the time and money to develop their interest in motorcycling, when compared to those younger than them, adding that "many people harbour a lifelong desire to ride a motorcycle, which is often thwarted by partners or parents".

The MCIA also suggested another important reason as to why there has been a surge in over-50s riding: "The reason why over 50s are taking up motorcycling is the same reason why people of every age take it up – it is tremendous fun."

Some of us have been at it almost 50 years.

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Photo prise @ Hemyock le 23 juillet 2018 (© Neil. Moralee / Flickr)

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