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Perfect portrait José Tagarro portrait (1930) - Sarah Affonso (1899-1883) IMG_0869 Portrait : The most beautiful woman I have ever photographed #4 Attimi_bw_02 Sarah Affonso Portrait (c.1969) - José de Almada Negreiros (1893-1970) Welcoming Fall Tribalistic2 Le monde d'Alkan Up close yet far away Maintenance Tea time In the countryside among millions of flowers 2019-8-24 Ushasi-5 sak yant The eyes have it The Chipmunk Standoff! Don't worry a cup of tea will sort you out. 2019-8-11 Studio Harcourt inspired 1996 El mar de tu mirada. Compañera. El mar de tu mirada. Arrullo. Atardece en el mar de lavanda. Dominio. Selfie Atardece en el mar de lavanda. Jugando, disfrutando, viviendo. Everyone has a story. Peeping puffin! (Explored) Rufous Hummingbird (Selasphorus Rufus) [adult male] White walker. Thinking Pretty Villy looking at me
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