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LOOKING AT PORTLAND THRU THE TILLIKUM BRIDGE CABLES Portland Buildings Wood shrine covered with gold foil built in the form of an Upper Egyptian chapel 18th dynasty New Kingdom Egypt Bricks Cascade 2018 #Trimet #MAX Reflecting Tilikum Crossing Cable Stays Happy New Year peaks.island • sunrise.heartrocks 1962 Dodge Lancer The Bay Mist Sellwood Bridge Construction Gleaming Bugatti Goddess I 1955 Ford F100 Portland Bill Lighthouse Downtown art Art of the Brick 2017 Tillikum in black and white night The need for speed. Portland scenes.  2015 Portland rain. 2015 Fire in the Tank peaks.island • triangular arch :: by Dan Morales-Walsh brutalist • trapezoid LEGO Kids Fest West End Rainbow Bus Line 44 Oak Street setting sun I Gasped.. PSU Sun March 11, 2012 317 A Very Lovecraft Christmas III Farmers Market 11
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